10 weeks into the second semester can only mean one thing – Easter break! Easter break is 4 weeks long, giving plenty of time to relax with family and eat plenty of chocolate, although inevitably some work will have to be done thanks to impending deadlines and exam season…

This term I decided to stay at university for an extra week in order to try and get some work done before going home. A few of my friends were also staying for the first week of break, so we planned a few fun activities to help us through the long library sessions ahead. Being at uni without the pressures of lectures or seminars actually turned out to be really great, and meant that I could plan my own time more easily. Like the dedicated student I am, I dragged myself out of bed for a few 9am starts in the library, fuelled by copious amounts of biscuits and the lovely views of campus and the lake you get from the top floor.

Aside from work, most of my activities this week seem to have revolved around food, which I have no regrets about! Knowing you’re going home at the end of the week means you don’t really want to do much food shopping, because you’re aiming for an empty fridge before you leave. This was a great excuse to indulge all different kinds of meals, including pizza from the Student Union bar, fish and chips, a Campus Kitchen lunch and of course a classic visit to the bakery that appears in Union House on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Having no lectures meant that I had a lot more time on my hands this week which meant it was a perfect opportunity for more adventurous cooking. It’s a total myth that being at university means you can’t cook well or bake, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time, so this week was a great chance to make proper use of the kitchen! On Monday we had a pancake evening, where I tried bacon and syrup pancakes for the first time (highly recommend), along with the more traditional lemon and sugar combination and Nutella and strawberry pancakes. Then Tuesday afternoon was a chance to bake triple chocolate brownies, which then sustained me through the next morning of library work. Finally, Wednesday brought a more seasonal baking afternoon, making Easter nest cornflake cakes – so easy, but so tasty!

Staying at uni for an extra week turned out to be a great decision – I’ve had so much fun hanging out with friends, baking, and eating my body weight in chocolate/pizza/pancakes, but I’ve also got plenty of work done which will hopefully lead to a more relaxing Easter break. Now I’m off home for three weeks – it’s going to be strange not being at university but I’m also looking forward to seeing my family and not having to worry about things like cooking for myself all the time!

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter!!


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