Accommodation at UEA

One of the biggest changes starting university will bring is that many people choose to move out of home and live at university. It goes without saying then that where you’ll be living for your first year is a pretty big deal, so I thought I’d write about some of the accommodation that UEA offers, and my experience of university accommodation.

UEA has a pretty big range of accommodation (for a full list and price breakdown check out the accommodation page on the website), but the main two choices for living on campus are en-suite accommodation or shared showers and toilets in the Ziggurats. Both types of accommodation are great, so it’s really up to you based on what you feel most comfortable with. I’d recommend visiting UEA on an applicant day where you’ll get to see inside the accommodation and can decide which you’d prefer.

Both types of accommodation have their advantages. If you opt for a room in the iconic Ziggurats, you’ll get an amazing view across the lake – one of the best views on campus. Sharing a bathroom also means it’s cheaper than en-suite which is definitely something to consider.

Personally, I went for en-suite accommodation, mainly because of the convenience of having my own bathroom, although I have to say I am very jealous of the views my friends in the Ziggurats get! I’ve really loved my room at UEA, it’s very bright and a good size, and living on campus has been so practical and enjoyable.

My room comes with a desk area, wardrobe, shelves and chest of drawers. There’s also a big pin board, which I think is probably intended for academic stuff, but I’ve covered it with pictures, cards and the obligatory Dominos pizza voucher leaflet. On my walls I’ve got a Friends poster which I bought from the poster sale during freshers week, and I have lots of photos of friends from back home and memories from the summer. Printing pictures is a really great way to brighten up your uni room and make it feel a bit more homely. I also have a couple of small pot plants on my windowsill, which have done very well to survive for this long in the year because they haven’t had much water! I bought these from home, but in freshers week there was a big plant sale, so you can buy some greenery for your room then.

Living on campus has been great, there’s a really nice student-y atmosphere, and it’s been so good knowing the furthest I’ll have to walk to get anywhere on campus is 10 minutes! Next year I’ll be living in student housing in Norwich, which is really exciting, although I’ll definitely miss my lovely little uni room!


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