First Week Back

I’ve now been back at university for one week after the Easter break and it’s now getting scarily close to the end of my first year at UEA. We’re entering the last few weeks of lectures and deadlines and then after exams in May summer will be officially here! My first year here has gone ridiculously quickly, and although we’re getting close to the end of the semester I’m busier than ever! So here’s a taster of some of the stuff I got up to last week…

Back to uni means back to work, and last week brought 2 deadlines to meet. Luckily I’d used the last few days of my Easter break pretty wisely so these weren’t too much trouble, but there’s always more to read as a history student, whether it be for the next essay or for the seminars. I also started by job as a mentor for year 9 students at a local school as part of my role as a Student Ambassador at UEA, which was an exciting new challenge.

It hasn’t all been hard work this week though – Wednesday brought beautiful sunny weather, and I spent the afternoon at a social with members of my Christian Union action group, eating ice cream in the square, meeting the horses who live by campus and relaxing by the lake.

On Wednesday evening I had the opportunity to go and listen to Rowan Williams speaking on campus as part of the Spring Literary Festival. The Festival is an annual event, and brings together a number of well known writers or thinkers, and is one of the perks of living in England’s UNESCO City of Literature! Tickets to see Rowan Williams were £8, but were briefly offered at half price for students. It was a really amazing opportunity and it was a privilege to listen to Rowan Williams speak, even if some of his points were inevitably a little bit beyond me!

On Friday, I spent my evening at the History Society Spring Ball. It was held at the Top of the Terrace at Norwich City Football Club, which was a strange place for me to be as my family supports Ipswich and I had my Year 13 prom at Ipswich Town Football Club! Despite this, it was a brilliant evening with good friends and good food, and I really enjoyed it – even though my feet were a little worse for wear after dancing in heels all night!

It’s been a great week, and this week is shaping up to be just as busy. I’m definitely going to try to squeeze a bit more work in somewhere though, because those exams and deadlines are approaching far too fast for my liking…


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