To the Beach

One of my favourite things about studying at UEA is the location of the uni. Not only do I love the campus and Norwich, but it’s just a short journey away from the Norfolk coast which makes for a brilliant day trip to the beach. On Saturday I hopped on a train at Norwich station with a group of friends, and 45 minutes later we reached the seaside town of Cromer.

Apart from a couple of random and short-lived hail downpours, we managed to have a pretty dry and sunny day, although the sea breeze was bracing to say the least! After a quick paddle by some, and a full on swim from one brave/crazy member of the group, we sat on the beach for a while, before a game of rounders on the beach or exploring the pier.

Lunch was a classic seaside fish and chips eaten on the pier, and the afternoon included a trip to Digby’s sweet shop (a.k.a. what dreams are made of) and then off to the arcade to make our fortunes on the penny machines. Unfortunately I have to report that apart from a few tiny bags of jelly beans, we are none the richer.

Another quick train journey and we were back in Norwich, pretty windswept and tired but after a great day out. I would love to go back to the beach soon – although maybe when it’s a little warmer! The next seaside town on my uni bucket list is Great Yarmouth, which is also easy to get to from Norwich. I love the fact that it’s so easy to leave the student bubble for a day and explore Norfolk, which is a beautiful part of the country.


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