The Lake

Last weekend brought beautiful weather here at UEA. With such amazing weather and revision to avoid, I’ve spent a lot of time down by the lake on campus. The UEA lake is hands down my favourite part of campus, and yet before I arrived here I didn’t really realise it existed! I’d heard the lake mentioned a few times at open days/applicant days and I knew it was out there somewhere, but I had no idea how big the lake was or how beautiful and peaceful it is. I thought I’d gather together some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken of the lake over my time at uni so far to give you a little taste of how nice it is if you don’t know much about it…


The lake is behind the main campus buildings, across the open grassy area in front of the Ziggurats. It’s pretty massive and you can walk all the way around it for the best views of the university. If you’re into running it’s a great route for your morning jog, but for the rest of us there are benches dotted around the edges of the lake so you can take a minute to sit down and enjoy the view.

As well as walking around the lake itself, you can also cross the bridge to ‘butterfly meadow’ (although I have to say I didn’t see any butterflies when I visited!), or at the other end there’s a boardwalk which takes you along the River Yare. There’s also a wildlife trail you can follow around the lake and the Yare Valley if you have some spare time to kill.

To the side of the lake there’s even a small horse and donkey sanctuary where you can meet some friendly ponies. Unfortunately I’ve heard the sanctuary is closing so it might be too late to see the horses…you’ll have to make do with the swans on the lake instead! If swans aren’t enough for you, there are always plenty of dogs being walked around the lake (part of the reason for my love of lake walks)…

It’s always so peaceful by the lake, and it’s nice to be able to get away from the busyness of campus for a while. I love the fact that while there’s always so much going on in the centre of campus, you can slip away easily and sit by the lake where it’s quiet and relaxing. Lake walks are the perfect revision break or lazy afternoon activity. If you’re coming to visit UEA and you have some spare time, take a trip around the lake – you won’t regret it!



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