Great Yarmouth

This week is my last week at UEA before the summer break (so sad!) and it’s brought some beautiful weather. So what better way to spend a day than another trip to the beach? This time we opted for Great Yarmouth as our seaside town of choice. Like Cromer, Great Yarmouth is also easily accessible from Norwich by train so makes for a fab day out.

The beach at Great Yarmouth is lovely – it’s really big and sandy, giving the opportunity for some hardcore sandcastle construction. The town itself also has plenty to explore, with a big market in the centre and loads of strange touristy shops which stocked gems like garlic bread flavoured rock.

Next to the pier is a small free-entry amusement park called Joyland which is home to the apparently ‘famous’ snail ride (it’s on Wikipedia and everything, I swear). I can confirm that the snail ride was amazing – despite their creepy facial expressions, it was definitely £1 well spent!

I would definitely recommend Great Yarmouth as a day trip, the town may not be as quaint as Cromer, but if you want a beautiful sandy beach and strange amusement park rides it’s the place to be!


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