Results day

If you’ve just finished A-Levels then the 18th August is going to be a pretty big day for you. Results day is always an emotional day, whether you get the grades you were hoping for or not. It’s good to be organised for results day and know your options just in case things go wrong – hopefully everything will go to plan, but it’s good to prepare for all possibilities just in case!

On results day, it’s likely UCAS track will update before you go into your school or sixth form to collect results. This means that even before you have your grades you should know whether you’ve been accepted into your firm choice or not.

If you have got the grades that you wanted then great, congratulations!! Go out and celebrate, and start getting excited about your chosen uni and freshers week.

If you haven’t got the results you needed it’s not the end of the world, so don’t panic! I know that’s easier said than done, but remember you still have lots of options so now you need to focus on your plan B. If you’ve checked track and you haven’t got into uni, get to your school as soon as possible to collect your grades and talk to teachers there. On results day there will be lots of staff around to help people who haven’t got the grades they needed so they can help you work out what you should be doing next. Your best option will probably be going through clearing, which you can find all about here. Grab yourself a copy of the Telegraph, which shows a full list of available courses. Don’t rush into accepting the first course you can find – remember this is a big decision, so make logical and considered choices.

I think it’s good to plan something fun for results day or the day after – whether results day goes the way you hoped or not. You’ve made it through two years of A-Levels! High school is over! So go out with your friends or have a meal out with family and have fun.

I hope results day goes the way you want it to. But even if it doesn’t, remember that life will go on regardless of the grades you achieve! A-Level results are a really good stepping stone to what you want to do next but your grades do not define you. So, remember: be organised and prepared, but don’t panic!



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