A Day in Norwich

This weekend I was back in Norwich to visit my new house for next year (very exciting!) and to move in some of my stuff. Despite being a student in Norwich for a year now, I realised I’d never shown my parents around the city properly, so we decided to use bank holiday Monday as a chance to explore Norwich. We had a really lovely day, and if any of you are thinking of bringing your parents to Norwich for a day hopefully this will give you some ideas of where to go!

We started the day with a late breakfast at the Unthank Kitchen in (surprise surprise) Unthank Road. It’s a really nice little cafe with good service, and we chose to sit outside to eat because it was a sunny morning. They do a great selection of breakfasts, from fry ups to pancakes, as well as toasties and sandwiches for lunch. It’s just around the corner from my house so I have a feeling I’ll be having a few more breakfasts here during second year!

From there we took a short walk to the Plantation Garden just off Earlham Road. The garden was created in Victorian times and was restored in the late 20th century. It’s such a beautiful place, and you can wander round or just sit on a bench and admire the view!

I’d actually never been to the Plantation Garden before – it’s quite hidden from view – but I will definitely be returning!! You pay £2 to go in and it would be a lovely place for a picnic, or they do Sunday afternoon tea on the lawn in the summer months.

After the Plantation Garden we headed into Norwich to do the riverside walk, which takes you along the river across Norwich past St James’ Mill and Cow Tower.

Walking along the river is a brilliant contrast to the city centre where there’s lots of buildings and people, because it’s so green and quiet along the river. Something I love about Norwich is the fact there’s plenty of shops and buildings but also really beautiful open areas.

You can follow the river walk all the way along, but we took a detour to visit the cathedral, a must visit for Norwich! We actually ended up being at the Cathedral at the same time as a wedding was happening, so although we couldn’t go in, we got to sit in the cloisters instead and enjoy the atmosphere when the bride and groom came out of the Cathedral.

The last event of our day in Norwich was dinner at Bills, which is right in the centre of Norwich, close to the market. It does delicious food and is the perfect place after a day out in Norwich because it’s so central.

I had such a nice day in Norwich, I hope this has given you some inspiration for places to visit or take your parents to. There’s so much to do/see in Norwich, if you have any suggestions for any other great places to visit, feel free to leave them in the comments!!


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