Making a house a home

This year I’ve moved out of uni accommodation and into a house in Norwich. Living in a house is quite different to being on campus – living with less people means a tidier kitchen, but it’s weird not living within 5 minutes of everyone and everything on campus. One of the nice things about having a house is there’s more opportunity to decorate and personalise it than there was living in halls on campus. However this doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your uni room – check out my post on accommodation to see what my room looked like last year.

This year, I went for some similar decorations to last year in my room- a noticeboard is a really great feature for your room because you can display a lot of things without worrying about damaging the walls by using blu tack. A photo wall is also a fab way to brighten up your room and display some of your favourite memories.

I’m also a firm believer that bunting and fairy lights can make any room look better so we’ve made good use of these throughout our house. Primark is a great shop for good value fairy lights, and they can make a room look really cosy in the evenings. In my room I’ve used fairy lights around my noticeboard and door, and we also have some strung around the staircase bannister and in the fireplace.

At the moment we even have some flowers around the house which make the living room feel very homely. I’d definitely suggest buying some plants for your room, a little cactus or succulent plant won’t take much looking after and you can buy them from the plant sale held during freshers week.

There are plenty of ways to decorate your room/house that won’t cost much, a lot of things can be made rather than bought, and it’s so nice to make your room feel a little bit more like home!


3 thoughts on “Making a house a home

  1. This is really great! One tip I would recommend is shops like Wilko often start selling Christmas lights round about October(!) so getting fairy lights quite cheaply is fairly easy at the beginning of term. Also, in January, non Christmas fairy lights can be really really cheap in the January sales- a perfect way to brighten up any room in those gloomy months ⭐️

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