Second Year

Last week was my first week of proper lectures/seminars of second year history, and it’s made me think about my expectations and hopes for this year. Second year is a pretty daunting prospect. From now on, my marks actually count towards my degree (which they didn’t during first year) and there’s the general feeling that things are more serious. I’ve heard lots of things about second year – with loads of people telling me it’s going to be really stressful and difficult, but with many people telling me it’s not as bad as everyone says. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out!

This year I have a similar amount of contact hours as I did last year, but for my first term my timetable is quite unusual, with most of my hours on one day and then Mondays and Fridays off. Although it’s nice to essentially have a four day weekend, it’s quite a shock to the system to have a 10-6 day, when I’m used to only having a few hours a day!

This year I was able to choose my modules and I’ve gone for quite a range. My first term modules are Tudors and Stuarts, Modern Germany and Anglo Saxon Britain, so I’m covering a really large time period! Both Modern Germany and Anglo Saxon Britain were actually not my first choice, but the modules I wanted to do would have clashed on my timetable so I settled for these. If I’m being honest, I’m quite worried about these modules, because I don’t know much about either subject so at the moment I’m feeling very out of my depth. That being said, it’s quite exciting to be doing new subjects because there’s a lot of fascinating stuff to learn, but the amount to learn does seem quite overwhelming at the moment. Next term I’m doing Britain during the Wars of the Roses, Propaganda and Conspiracy and Crisis which I’m really looking forward to – my logic is if I can get through this term’s modules, next term will be much better!

This year I’ve also moved into a house rather than being in campus accommodation which has also brought a lot of change. It took a bit of getting used to but I’m really loving it. My housemates are lovely, and it’s been great to hang out in the evenings and cook together, which I didn’t get a chance to experience with my flatmates last year.

It looks like second year is going to be just as busy as first year, possibly even more busy (which slightly terrifies me!). I’ve only been back for two weeks but I feel like I’ve already done so much and have so much more to do! It’s great to be back and have lots of exciting stuff to be involved in. I’m also remembering how draining busy university life can be, so I’ve vowed to be more organised this year, although I don’t know how long that will last…


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