Trampolining and Fireworks

On Friday evening I went to Gravity, a trampolining park in Norwich, with some friends from the Christian Union society at uni. Gravity is basically a massive room filled with lots of trampolines, as well as a dodgeball area, basketball hoops and a giant air mat you can jump onto. We paid for an ‘open jump’ which gives you access to all the areas for an hour. You have to buy special socks with your ticket to wear on the trampolines, off peak prices are £10.95 for an hour and socks, but then you keep the socks so if you go back you’d only pay £8.95 for an hour. If you have an NUS card you can also get 2 hours for the price of one Monday-Friday. It was a really fun hour, despite my initial skepticism after signing a waiver which talked of ‘unknown risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis or death’. I’m pleased to report none of us died, although my muscles are still sore! Gravity is in Riverside (near the train station) so it’s also really easy to get to by bus. Check out their website for more info if you’re interested!


Gravity Riverside (taken from their facebook page)

After Gravity, we headed into the centre of Norwich to watch the castle fireworks. There were loads of people gathered to watch them and it was a really lovely atmosphere, even if it meant the buses were absolutely crammed to get back home. Norwich does an annual fireworks display around bonfire night and I’d definitely recommend going to watch it while you’re at university, you can make it into a really fun night.


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