10 Reasons to Choose UEA

The UCAS deadline for applying to university has been and gone…which means you now have to wait patiently for offers and start thinking about what university you want to attend in September. So without further ado, I present to you: 10 reasons to choose UEA

1.Our Campus – If the only experience you have of UEA is an open day in the rain, you might not believe me here, but I promise you – you will love campus. Why not check out my post about the lake to see a few snaps of how stunning the broad is. When I visited UEA, I didn’t like the Ziggarats, but now I’m prepared to defend their unique beauty to anyone who dares suggest they look bad – love them or hate them, they’re iconic.

2. Snapchat filters – just putting this out there, UEA has some pretty great snapchat geofilters. If you come to UEA, be sure to send numerous snaps all with a lovely ‘oh UEA is wonderful’ filter to your friends at other universities to make sure they know what they’re missing.

3. Student Satisfaction – Last year UEA came joint third in mainstream university student satisfaction in the National Student Survey. It’s also the only English mainstream university to achieve a top-five ranking every year since the survey began in 2005. Not bad.

4. Norwich/Norfolk – Norfolk is a beautiful (and often overlooked) part of the UK. Norwich itself is a great city, with so much to do and see. I love it so much that I can’t do justice to it here, but check out my posts on Great Yarmouth, Cromer, Blickling Hall, exploring Norwich and a day in Norwich for a lil’ taster of the stuff you can get up to here.

5. Rabbits – there’s a whole lotta rabbits around campus. They’re sure to brighten up your day on your way to a lecture, and ‘The UEA Rabbit’ has it’s own twitter account. There’s also rumours that if you manage to catch a rabbit and bring it to the bar, you’ll get a free drink, but after you’ve tried chasing a rabbit (everyone has, let’s be honest) you’ll realise it’s not so easy.

6. Sainsburys Centre – In a mostly concrete campus, the Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts really stands out. Despite being designed at the same time as the Ziggarats, it looks really futuristic – hence why it’s also famous for being used as Avengers HQ in the Avengers films! If you’re into art, it’s a lovely place to spend the afternoon, or if, like me, you’re more into food, the cafe there does some great things and you get a lovely view out of the glass side.

7. Music – UEA and Norwich has a great reputation for live music and gigs. The LCR on campus hosts all sorts of great musicians and groups, and Norwich has lots of amazing venues like the Waterfront, Norwich Arts Centre and smaller independent places. UEA also has some great music societies and organisations that put on events and concerts through the year. Check out my post on music in Norwich and the UEA Choir’s Christmas Carol Concert to find out a bit more.

8. Societies/opportunities – UEA has over 200 student clubs and societies to choose from so there’ll definitely be at least one thing you want to get involved in. Societies brings loads of really cool opportunities, like getting involved in student radio or news, trips abroad and a chance to make some great friends. Outside of societies, UEA has loads of other amazing opportunities – for example, getting a job as a student ambassador gave me opportunities like running this blog, being on the radio and mentoring at a local school. Also don’t forget events like Pimp My Barrow in the summer, which is unique to UEA.

9. Atmosphere – this is hard to explain, but I think UEA just has a really nice atmosphere on campus. When I applied to university, I applied to quite a range of universities, some of which felt like they had quite intimidating reputations. UEA seems to have escaped this, because it feels so friendly. In my university open day experiences, UEA stood out as a university where I felt I could imagine myself enjoying living there. I wasn’t wrong, and I think this friendly atmosphere is part of why UEA ranks so highly for student satisfaction.

10. Sportspark – into sports? Well look no further. UEA is home to the Sportspark, currently the biggest indoor sports centre in Britain. It’s got a climbing wall and an Olympic-sized swimming pool and I’m pretty sure it will cater for any sport you could ever wish to play at university.

So there you have it, 10 reasons to choose UEA. I hope this has been helpful for any of you currently trying to choose a university! If you’re a UEA student and you have any other favourite parts about the uni, why not leave them in the comments below?


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