Second Year Reflections

Second year is all done and now I’m left desperately trying not to think about the fact that I only have one more year of uni left. The whole of second year has gone so quickly, which is pretty terrifying, and I think third year will go past just as quickly. Last year I did a post summing up how I felt about my first year studying history (have a read here) and back in January I wrote about how I felt the first term of second year had gone (you can find that here). I thought it was only right to finish the year with a look back on my last term and second year as a whole, so here we go…

Second year was intense. Me oh my. A lot of people warned that second year would be a lot tougher than first year and looking back now I can say that they were right. The issue for me was not the content of the work itself – I actually really enjoyed my modules this year – but rather the amount of work and the increasingly limited time I had to complete it. Being more settled with uni life this year meant I ended up with a lot more to fill my time with. I was wanting to spend more time with my housemates, and seeing friends took up more time because we are all scattered across the city in different houses. I was always involved in the Christian Union, especially in preparations for Story Norwich, and then becoming Vice-President just before Easter. Being on committee in an active society takes up a lot of time, and it was a real struggle to balance my time. My weeks would always be full of stuff to do, and for a while I think I was just committed to too much! Every single essay I had this year was cutting it very fine to the deadline. I also managed to get ill just before exams this year, which meant the last couple of weeks of term were a mad rush to cram in as much revision as possible. By the time the end of term came around, I was very happy to be finishing with uni.

But being so busy was not always a bad thing! It’s so great to be involved with so many different things, and I don’t regret any of the stuff I spent my time on. Being busy has taught me a lot about my time management and priorities and I’m going into third year knowing I need to be careful about balancing my time. At the end of the day, university has brought me so many incredible opportunities that I can’t find elsewhere, and I’m happy to be busy if it means I’m making the most of my time here.

In regards to my course, I have really loved my modules this term. I did Propaganda, Wars of the Roses, and Conspiracy and Crisis in the Early Modern World. All of these were so interesting and I felt like I was constantly learning new things, which was really satisfying. Doing essays and exams is never fun, but it is a lot easier if you really enjoy the stuff you’re learning about, so I found this term a lot nicer than some of my previous terms. My marks have also been consistently better than they were in first year, which is encouraging because it means I must be doing something right! It was also a relief to be achieving good marks despite often feeling a bit behind on work this year, and made me feel happier about the amount of non-academic stuff I was getting involved in.

This year I also really enjoyed living off campus in a house. Being able to live with two of my best friends has been incredible and it’s been so much fun. I love being in a house because it feels so much more homely than living in halls and it’s easier to personalise. I’m staying on in the same house with the same people next year and I’m excited for another year of living with them!

Overall, second year has been great. Mad, intense, often stressful, but great. It’s gone so quickly that before I know it I’ll be back writing about the end of third year which is a VERY SCARY THOUGHT. But I’m excited for what third year will bring so I’ll just try not to think about the end of uni right now.



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