Whitlingham Country Park

One of the things Norfolk is most well-known for is the Broads, a series of rivers and lakes across the county. If you’ve read my post on the UEA Lake, you’ll know I’m a big fan of any green open space, especially if it includes a river or lake. Recently, my housemates and I went to Whitlingham Country Park, an area to the East of Norwich, and spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the broad there. It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon away from uni or the city, particularly if it’s a nice day!


To get to the broad, we took the bus to the railway station and then walked for about 30-40 minutes. We’d packed a picnic, so once we got there we chose a spot to sit down and have some lunch overlooking the broad. The broad itself is pretty big, but you can walk all the way around it and end up back at the visitors centre for a well deserved cup of tea or cold drink.

It’s so nice to be close to open countryside in Norwich, as just 15 minutes walk from the station and we were in Norfolk countryside. I love having such beautiful areas on my doorstep at uni. If you’re looking for more day trip ideas, why not check out my posts on Blickling Hall or the beaches at Cromer and Great Yarmouth!


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