Food Shopping

Moving out and living at university means a lot of things, including cooking and providing for yourself. Working out where to shop is an extra thing to think about on top of all the busyness of fresher’s week, so I’ve made a few maps for you to show where the closest places are. Most of the nearby shops aren’t massive, but they have plenty for what you’ll need. Also, if you want more choice, supermarkets will deliver direct to your flat so you can always order online. I know that some places, like Tesco, do a £40 spend threshold for cheaper delivery, so I’d advise placing an order with your flatmates so that it’s worth it.

map of food shops

1. SU Shop

You can find the student shop in the middle of the campus on ‘the Street’. It doesn’t have a massive selection but does a reasonable variety of stuff, including veg, frozen stuff, a bakery section and toiletries. It’s quite expensive so I wouldn’t advise doing your main shop here, but it’s definitely useful for the occassional shop, grabbing lunch on campus or if you’ve forgotten dinner and don’t want to walk further than five minutes.

2. Tesco Express

This Tesco is pretty popular with students as it’s only a ten minute walk from campus straight up Bluebell Road, or along Earlham Road. The shop itself is pretty small, but they’ve crammed a lot of stuff in there! It gets very busy but it’s also open 24/7 which is super handy.

3. Co-op

There’s a sizeable co-op behind the Tesco Express. It’s bigger and quieter than the Tesco (it seems people get as far as Tesco and then don’t go further so miss the co-op), and also has a Subway in it if you’re a sandwich fan. However, it is more expensive than the Tesco and is not open 24/7.

4. Co-op

I didn’t know whether or not to include this co-op because I think most people just went to the Co-op by Fiveways roundabout, but there is another Co-op a short walk to the east of the university. This might be a choice if you live in accommodation at the edge of campus (but saying that, that’s where I lived and I usually just walked to the Tesco instead). Again, the co-op is more expensive and isn’t 24/7, but this shop is probably quieter than the shops on Earlham Road.


5. Aldi

Aldi is one of the most popular student choices for food shopping because it’s so cheap. If you’re looking for value, this is definitely the place to go – they do a good selection of things so you can do your weekly shop here easily on the cheap. Having said that, it is a lot further from campus, probably around a 30 minute walk. If you have a bike, that can be really helpful for getting shopping back, and I know some people who went together and then paid for a taxi back to get all their shopping home without having to carry lots of bags.

And that’s it for the main food shops near campus! If you’re looking for a Waitrose or Sainsburys, you’ll have to go a bit further from campus or into town, but we’re lucky to have a good selection of shops near to campus.


3 thoughts on “Food Shopping

  1. Your blog has just been recommended to me as I start UEA in September and I must say, it is really useful! I hope you don’t mind me scrolling through your posts! It will be nice to know a bit about it before I get there, so thanks for sharing all the info! 🙂

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