Looking to Third Year

It feels weird to be writing about my last year of uni but here I am, two years gone, and thinking about my final year.

Although I’m scared by third year and the prospect of finishing university, I am also really excited about it! Final year of history allows you to specialise a lot more than previous years, which means you can really focus on areas you enjoy. This year I’ll be doing a year long special subject on Henry VIII. The Tudor period is my favourite historical era, and yet I’ve never actually studied the entire reign of Henry VIII, so I’m really looking forward to this module. The module that I’ve chosen to do alongside this in the first term is the French Revolution. This is more of a risk because I’ve only ever studied the French Revolution as part of other topics and it’s SO COMPLICATED. Having said that, I find it really interesting and it was such an incredibly important event in history, so hopefully it will be a great topic to study.

This year I’ll also be doing a dissertation, which again is both scary and exciting in equal measures! Sticking with the Tudor theme, I’ll be writing about female monarchy in the Tudor period. This is a topic that I really love and I’ll be focussing on Mary I and Elizabeth I and the nature of early female monarchical power in a largely male-dominated culture. Although this is a subject I find really fascinating, the amount of research and work that goes into a dissertation is pretty daunting. It’s also very independent research so I need to be careful with my time this year to make sure I keep on top on this work.

Third year promises to be just as busy as second year has been which is also incredibly daunting! My contact hours during the week are down due to less modules, but there’ll be more independent work and I’m still involved with non-academic stuff like being on committee for the CU. As of now, I’m still unsure what I’ll go on to do after university, so I want to make the most of this year in Norwich in case I end up moving away. University has given me a lot of opportunities and I’ve had so much fun in Norwich, but there’s still areas I want to visit and places I want to go before I finish uni. Hopefully it will be a great year!


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