Everything you need to know!

Welcome to my student blog for UEA! If you’re a prospective or current uni student hopefully you’ll find some helpful posts on here! There’s a mix of general posts as well as some UEA/Norwich-specific ones, so feel free to have a browse. To make it easier, I’ve compiled most of my posts into categories in this post so you can find what you want quickly.

Unfortunately, UEA are discontinuing their student blog scheme, so I probably won’t be publishing many new posts for the foreseeable future. However, there’s plenty of information already on this blog, and it will remain live, so hopefully it’s still helpful for you! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any specific questions, and I can try to answer as best I can! Thanks for reading!

General uni advice

Getting the best from open days

Choosing a university

Results day

What to pack for uni

A day in the life

Managing stress

Living in halls vs living in a house

Making a house a home

What happens if I’m not enjoying uni?

UEA-specific uni advice

Accommodation at UEA

Where to shop for food in Norwich

10 reasons to choose UEA

10 things you need to know as a fresher

Freshers week

My first term at UEA

10 things I’ve learnt in my first year

The lake

My personal uni experiences and information about my course (history):

First year of history

Looking to second year

Second year reflections

Looking to third year

Things to do in Norwich

Cafes – part one and part two

A day in Norwich

Exploring Norwich

Uni experiences

Christmas carol service

Music – Foy Vance at Norwich Arts Centre

Trampolining and fireworks

Student radio

Trip to Berlin

Trip to Canada

Day Trips

Whitlingham Country Park

Blickling Hall

Great Yarmouth



Browniesvegetable curry,  bacon pastasausages and roasted vegpizza






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